Sunday, February 16, 2014

Personal Progress Handout

Let Personal Progress "Change" Your Life.

I try to bring a reminder every week for the girls to help them keep personal progress in their minds. I saw this idea on Pinterest and changed it up a little bit for my handout a few weeks ago.  

Here are the materials I used: Tulle from Walmart, gold coins from Winco (I bought them from the bulk bins), and some twine that had gold threads in it from Stampin' Up.  

I measured 9 inches of tulle...

and then cut it.

I used 3 inches of twine as well.

I put the coins inside the tulle and gathered the four corners to the center.

I tied the twine around to close it.

I printed up a saying which read, " Let Personal Progress Change Your Life."  Here is a link to a Dropbox Word file.  I also used a glue dot that I got from Michaels, but a glue gun might work better.

Here is the finished product!  The girls enjoyed it.

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